Sessions and Fees


Clairvoyant Reading/Healing – 75 minute session ~ $150.00, includes a recording of our session

Many of my clients love to include a customized flower essence remedy with their reading to support the growth and shifts that happen as a result of the clairvoyant session.

Clairvoyant Reading/Healing with a customized Flower Essence Remedy ~ $175.00, includes a month long remedy, a list of affirmations that complement the essences, and a follow up call

For those who need focused work on an ongoing issue I encourage my Clairvoyant series or my Clairvoyant Reading/Flower Essence combination in a series of 3

3 Clairvoyant Reading/Healing sessions ~ $385.00 – 15% savings

3 Clairvoyant Reading/Healing sessions in combination with 3 Flower Essence Remedies ~ $448.00 – 15% savings


Customized Flower Essence Remedy – 45 minute consultation, customized flower essence remedy, affirmations to accompany and support the remedy, and a follow up consult ~ $125.00

For those who want the deeper help of working with the flower essences over time, I offer a Flower Essence Remedy series

3 customized Flower Essence Remedies, includes 3 – 45 minute consultations, customized flower essence remedies, affirmations, and follow ups over a 3 month period ~ $ 322.00 – 15% savings


Jin Shin Jyutsu ~ 60 minute session – $100.00

For those who would like enjoy the benefits that Jin Shin Jyutsu offers over time,  I offer a Jin Shin Jyutsu series

5 Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions ~ $425.00 – 15%savings


Emotional Freedom Technique/Matrix Reimprinting ~ 75 minute session – $150.00

For those who want to do more intensive work over time I offer my Emotional Freedom Technique series

3 Emotional Freedom Technique/Matrix Reimprinting sessions ~ $385.00 – 15% savings