Meet Kristine Jensen Smith


I love the work I do, and the women I help. I am passionate about helping them get the deepest, most lasting changes possible. There is nothing more inspiring for me than watching a client transform into their biggest, brightest, truest self! I am totally committed to this process of transformation for my clients. I have lived this path myself and it is my mission to help other women do the same. You can read my story below to learn more about my journey. But I really want to know about you, your struggles and dreams. Because most importantly, I want to help you to step into all that you are!


  • Bachelor of Arts – University of Colorado, Boulder – 1992
  • Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner – 1994
  • Completed Levels 1 and 2 of Nelson Bach flower essence training – 1997
  • Completed three day Intensive Flower Essence training with the Flower Essence Society of America – 1997
  • Completed 6 years of Psychic Reading and Healing training with Psychic Horizons (Boulder, Co) and Inner Connections Institute (Denver, CO)

Studies include: Clairvoyant Reading and Healing Program; Women’s Intuition and Healing Program; Chakra Healing; Soul Retrieval; Aura Healing; Cellular Healing; Divine Source Healing; House and Business Healing; Animal Reading and Healing; Spiritual Healing; How to Heal Yourself Program; Teachers Training

  • Ordained as a minister with the Church of Inner Light – 2003
  • Completed Matrix Reimprinting training – 2011
  • Certified Level 2 EFT Practitioner (Certified with AAMET – Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) – 2013

 My Story

Since childhood I have been on a search to discover my own truth, to find my own voice, and the courage to stand in this. I was always a sensitive child acutely aware of the joyful, magical world, as well as the pain and disharmony people can live in.  I couldn’t understand how people around me could go on as if everything was fine, when I could see clearly that it wasn’t, and I was confused and scared by this. Couldn’t others see what I saw? I tried to speak up about the conflict around me, but found life went easier if I stayed quiet and invisible. When I didn’t, I ended up feeling isolated, and like something was wrong with me. I suffered, feeling the conflict between what I knew was true, and wanting to fit in and get along. I felt a very powerful guidance to find my own way, but the pressure to belong felt equally strong. Filled with this conflict, I struggled with despair and anger. Although painful at the time, I now know that the anger was my own powerful spirit urging me on to find, and live what was true for me.

It seems I have been on a lifelong search to find my true self in every area of my life. Along the way I have found myself stuck, lost, and unsure. I have stayed in situations way too long that weren’t feeding me. Does any of this sound familiar? I found the courage to leave an unhealthy marriage, to raise my daughter on my own, and also left an unfulfilling career of many years. What made this possible? Those powerful moments of clarity, which showed me my truth, and gave me the courage to take steps which honored, and nourished me. I am convinced that this clarity is our soul’s voice, and it never leads us in the wrong direction!

Raising my daughter, it was vitally important  to empower her to have a strong sense of herself, so that she could be free to follow her own path, not one prescribed by culture and family. Along the way, I found guides for myself, too. They helped me to honor the precious guidance of my emotions, own my gifts of sensitivity and intuition, respect my ability to see what is true and speak it, and honor and nurture the beautiful energetic aspects of my female body and spirit. I discovered that being wholly myself was the key to everything!

I know there are women, who like I did, struggle with feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from themselves. There is nothing more exciting to me, than to help others come back to center, and tap into their deep wisdom and gifts. Many women who come to work with me are feeling like they have lost themselves in their lives. They may be in unfulfilling jobs, or relationships. They may feel they have lost their spiritual connection and guidance, having trouble feeling centered, or making choices for themselves. I understand these challenges because I have lived it first hand too. It is my passion to be a mentor and advocate for you – to inspire, to guide, and to hold a powerful space for you to step into your most Most Magnificent You!

Are you ready to do whatever it takes to live from your power and certainty? Contact Kristine