Phone and Zoom sessions are always available – in person sessions are available upon request and consideration of the current Covid numbers.

Most of the work we do together can be done either in person or at a distance over the phone or Zoom. It is amazing to see what powerful shifts can happen even when we are not together in the same room, a true testament to the fact that we are connected wherever we live, much more than we perceive.

I have worked with people from all over the country and the world. What a blessing we have so many options! I always record the clairvoyant and EFT sessions (unless you prefer not to) so that you have the recording to listen to again. Many of my clients find that listening in again to their sessions brings even deeper healing and shifts over time. 

Give Yourself the Gift of Deep Healing

Single sessions are certainly an option (scroll down). However, I prefer to work with a series of sessions as this is when you will get the greatest benefits and deepest, most lasting changes. When we work together over time, it is amazing what can be accomplished. With at least three and preferably five sessions, we can work wonders. I encourage you to consider giving yourself the gift of support over time.

When you purchase a package, you receive savings on your sessions. The packages below are the most popular for starting our work. 

 Session Fees

Clairvoyant Reading and Healing Sessions

3-session Package – Three 75-minute sessions – $400 – You save $50

5-session Package – Five 75-minute sessions – $650 – You save $100

Individual Sessions – One 75-minute session – $150


EFT – Intention Tapping

3-Session EFT-Intention Tapping Package – Three 60-minute Intention Tapping sessions – $325 – You save $50

5-Session EFT-Intention Tapping Package – Five 60-minute Intention Tapping sessions – $525 – You save $100

Individual EFT-Intention Tapping Package – One 60-minute Intention Tapping session – $125


Flower Essences

3-Session Flower Essence Consultation Package – Three 45-minute Consultations, Flower Essence Remedy (mailed to you) and Follow-Up Call – $400 – You save $50

5-session Flower Essence Consultation Package – Five 45-minute Consultations, Customized Flower Essence Remedy and Follow-up Call – $650 – You save $100

Individual Flower Essence Consultation – One 45-minute Consultation, Customized Flower Essence Remedy and Follow-up Call – $150.00


Jin Shin Jyutsu – Japanese Acupressure

3-session Jin Shin Jyutsu Package – three in person 60-minute Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions – $250 – You save $50 

5-session Jin Shin Jyutsu Package – five in person 60-minute Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions – $400 – You save $100

Individual Jin Shin Jyutsu Session – one in person 60-minute Jin Shin Jyutsu session – $100


A Special Offering:

Increasingly I have seen the amazing help that flower essences offer my clients. The transformation possible when flower essences are combined with energy work is remarkable. I offer a special price for a flower essence consultation when combined with the energy work (Clairvoyant Reading/Healing, EFT/Matrix Reimprinting, or Jin Shin Jyutsu) sessions. 

Flower Essence Consultation (when combined with any of the above sessions) – $100 – You save $50 



“What if I’m not sure at the first session whether I want to purchase one of the packages of sessions?”

That is fine. You can pay for the first session individually but if you decide you then want it to be a part of a package, the balance can be paid in the second session and you will still get a discount.

“What if I book a package at my first session and then decide not to continue?”

Within the first 30 days, I will give a refund for the remainder. The first session then is charged as an individual session and the balance is refunded. After 30 days, I generally no longer do a refund but your credit with me does not expire and can be used by you at any time or even is transferable to other people if you want to use it that way. Please be assured that any refund requests are open to discussion and you will always be treated fairly and respectfully by me.

“How do we continue after the first package of sessions?”

Many people book another package and continue with regular sessions. It is amazing what can be accomplished with sessions over time. You can of course always choose to pay by individual session, but the discounts are only available with the packages.