The Deep Change Program

For some time I have been thinking about how I might serve my clients better, helping them to create even deeper and more lasting changes in their lives. All the people I serve have incredible gifts and big dreams and there is nothing more exciting for me than to help my clients step into a bigger, brighter version of themselves.

Up to now I have been offering single sessions – clairvoyant readings coupled with a flower essence remedy to support the momentum begun in the reading. I find this combination very powerful and clients have received many benefits. Working like this is perfect for some, but I have known in my heart that there is an even more powerful way of working with clients.

This is why I created my 3 Month Deep Change Program. I know from my own experience working with a committed focus over time can bring great transformation. Deep change takes time and when we have a strong intention, commit ourselves, and are held and supported in the process, magic can really happen.

In this 3 month program we will meet for 8 sessions.

~ First we will meet together for an hour session where we will work together to set a very clear intention for our time together, identifying exactly what it is you are wanting to create, bringing in the power of visualization, and the amazing Magic of Spirit to begin to set your intentions in motion.

~ We will then meet each month for a 75 minute energy healing session where I will be looking clairvoyantly at your goals, and at any blocking energies, beliefs, and patterns that are keeping you from moving forward. We will do healing work to help you release these blocks. Out of each clairvoyant session, I will then design a customized flower essence remedy to help support your forward movement for the next month. A list of affirmations for each of the essences in your remedy, as well as a recording of each session will be included as well.

~ We will also meet three times during the 3 month period for a 60 – 75 minute deep clearing session utilizing IEP or Intention Energy Tapping Process. In this session we will dive deep to clear aspects around any goals you may be feeling stuck on. This technique is a combination of EFT tapping and intention, and I and my clients have been astounded at the results of this simple and very effective technique which brings deep insight and healing to limiting beliefs and behaviors.

~ At the end of the 3 months we will meet for an hour long session where we’ll review our time together, honoring your shifts and successes, and I’ll take a clairvoyant look at some of your next steps.

Included in this 3 month program are weekly emails from me. Each Monday I invite you to set an intention for the week as well as review and share any shifts and celebrations of the previous week. These weekly emails help you to stay focused and moving forward, feeling supported along the way! 


Who is this program for? This 3 month program is for those who are really wanting powerful forward momentum in a particular area in their lives, are feeling stuck in some way, and are committed to making it happen – they are ready for positive big change!

If working together deeply in a 3 month program feels like a great next step in creating the life and You that you want let’s chat to see if it would be a good fit for you. Connect with me at or 303-443-4348.

I can’t wait to see what Big Magic is possible for you!


Here is what one of my Deep Change participants said about her experience:

Im amazed how we created something unexpected with any one of the techniques. What emerged emanated from a deep place and had such strong resonance for me. In our time together, it feels like I unlocked something that goes far beyond anything I could have read in a self-help book or gleaned from therapy or any other techniques. You really tapped into the deeper realms and together we found truths that were more powerful than my conscious mind could analyze and intuit. Your intuitive work really took me to lightening bolt insights. When we work together I feel your absolute presence, and I feel so positive and uplifted by this work.”    Laura L.   CA