Clairvoyant Reading

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Seeing Into The Heart Of You

We all have the ability to see life in its purest form – energy!

As children we have it in our daily consciousness, but for most of us as we grow up, this ability goes underground.

Through practice, a clairvoyant is able to access this way of seeing more easily. Intuitive Reading works by looking directly at the core energy of an issue. Through holding the space for this deep and compassionate view, we can gain vital insights around the most challenging ways we stay stuck. Seen in this special light, stubborn old patterns and beliefs, even those coming to you through your ancestral line, can be released more easily. The way is then clear for you to really step into yourself, and own all of who you are.

I love working in this deep way with women. Along with looking at where you might be stuck, I also clearly focus to see your beauty as a spirit, and the soul gifts you were born with. We work together to tune you to these gifts, and to your special connection to guidance and spirit.  I also love sharing wonderful energy tools to help every woman care for her energetic boundaries and nourish her spirit on a daily basis, as well as creative techniques to magnetize her heart’s desire!

“Kristine’s intuitive work is gentle yet highly transformative. Her sessions are insightful and informative with lots of space for allowing my own process to emerge. She has a real gift in softening the unrest I might be feeling. For anyone looking for support and greater balance during challenging times, I highly recommend calling on Kristine.”

Barbara C.  Boulder, CO