How I Can Help


Imagine Living Life From Your Truth!

You meet each situation with clarity, knowing your decisions are right for you. You speak up for yourself with confidence. Your relationships are based in love and respect. You are clear about your special gifts and are sharing them in the world. You take wonderful care of yourself. You know who you are, and feel totally worthy and beautiful. You feel powerful and grounded, and are living a life that you love!

The doubts and fears are gone. You realize they had nothing to do with who you really are. All you had to do is let go of the old beliefs about yourself, and reconnect with the Powerful, Brilliant You that has always been there.

This is the experience of the clients who commit to working with me.  I offer transformational programs that empower women to live from their true center. I help women step out of confusion into the clear light of their unique being, owning all that they are!


My programs work with a variety of processes, designed to help you connect in deeply with yourself, support you in letting go of what isn’t working, and create what you want in joy and ease.

You will come to feel at home in yourself, knowing that the wisdom of your own guidance, emotions, and body are the true compass for your life.

We will work with the powerful tools of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Intuitive Reading, Flower Essences, EFT, and Matrix Reimprinting, to identify and shift the blocks so that you are clear to be your most amazing you.

  • You will let go of the beliefs and messages which limit you, and keep you stuck.
  • You will learn how to be centered, grounded and clear, nourish and balance your energy, and how to carry this with you always.
  • You will learn to listen to and honor your needs, and make choices which are aligned with you.
  • You will learn to create what you want in ways that are easy and fun!

The result: You are living in your joyful energy and truth, loving yourself and loving your life!

If this sounds like something you have been longing for, I would love to talk more about how I can be of help.

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