Jin Shin Jyutsu


 Returning To Our Center Through Gentle Touch

Ancient healing practices are based on the fact that there is no distinction between body, mind, and spirit. These practices, which assist the body, naturally bring wholeness and balance to all aspects of a person.

Jin Shin Jyutsu® is an ancient Japanese healing art which reveals to each of us, that we all possess the simple key to bring about this balance literally at our fingertips.

The name Jin Shin Jyutsu means “The Art of the Creator Through the Person of Compassion.” This hands on healing art shares its roots with modalities like acupuncture and acupressure. Through gentle touch, the energetic pathways (or meridians) in our bodies are cleared of blockages, enabling our life force energy (or Chi) to move freely. The deep relaxation of Jin Shin Jyutsu allows healing and balance to occur on every level. It can also serve as a helpful addition to many other modalities, including Western medicine.

A Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment lasts approximately one hour.  There is no massage or manipulation of muscles or bones. The practitioner gently places her fingertips over clothing on designated points, which harmonizes and restores the energy flow and reduces the effects of stress and tension that accumulate in the body, through injury, illness or the stress of normal daily living.                      DSCN0565_edited

To design each treatment which is always unique, I listen to the pulses on the wrists. The pulses tell the story of the five depth needs.  (Jin Shin teaches that a human being consists of five interrelated levels of energies, each with its own function) I also use body reading in order to help determine just the right session. At the end of the session self-help practice is often given as a way for clients to continue the journey of connecting in deeply with and nurturing their body and spirit.

The most common experience of Jin Shin is a feeling of total relaxation and peace on the deepest levels. The process of receiving Jin Shin Jyutsu reconnects us to our most essential being.  It helps us to tune into, interpret and utilize our body’s messages.

With Jin Shin Jyutsu we recognize the graceful wisdom of our body and our ability to reestablish its natural state of beautiful and complete harmony!

“I always experience Kristine’s energy in Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions as very nurturing, compassionate and supportive. I may come into a session feeling scattered, chaotic and overwhelmed, but I always leave feeling much more balanced and calm, as this gentle treatment style harmonizes the deep energies of my body and emotions.”

Kim H.  Boulder, CO