EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique


Tapping Into Our Deepest Truth

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is an amazing process, which offers true freedom from many of our most uncomfortable feelings, and limiting beliefs.

EFT “tapping” has been called  “acupuncture for the emotions without the needles”, and it works by helping to clear tension and stress in our body, freeing up our energy, so that we can have more joy, clarity, and choice in our lives. It works by tapping on specific acupressure points on the face and torso, while tuning into an emotion, physical sensation, or specific event from the past, or present that is upsetting you. When we go through negative emotional and mental experiences, illnesses, or accidents, our body’s energy can get stuck in the moment of upset. It’s as if we have been dealt a blow, and we freeze in our body, mind and emotion in that moment. Until we can bring resolution and peace to that moment, our powerful energy remains caught there, and the result is less vitality and choice for us. The accumulation of such moments of stress, disappointments, and losses over time, can leave us feeling stuck physically and emotionally in our lives.

Kristine EFT

Some ways you know you may have old stuck energy are:

  • You have negative beliefs about yourself and others, and can’t seem to shift these.
  • There are goals and dreams you have set for yourself, that you just can’t seem to achieve, no matter how hard you try.
  • There are old events in your life that you can’t forget, and you know they are having an effect on your life and relationships.
  • You experience stress and anxiety, and you are not sure why.

With the simple yet powerful process of EFT tapping, you can unstick your energy right at the point of the original upset, and restore the natural flow of your body’s energy. Freeing our body’s energies from old disruptions, we feel lighter about life, opening to new insights, ideas and even beliefs! We feel more compassion for ourselves and others, and challenging memories transform. Talk about Emotional Freedom!

EFT works beautifully with all kinds of issues – anxiety, grief, phobias, improving performance, pain relief, and shifting beliefs that may be limiting you in any area of your life. Additionally, EFT is easy to learn and portable – you can use it any place and any time to ease daily tensions and stress.

When we tap to free ourselves of old events, where we made decisions about ourselves and our lives, we are literally calling our power and choice back to us, and claiming our right to be all of who we truly are in this magnificent present moment!

“Kristine, thank you above and beyond for your work yesterday.  I continue to feel calmer inside and more of me is in the present moment.  I can’t believe the difference!  I even slept in this morning, which I needed. I felt so much shift during the tapping. Even though no one likes to feel that icky stuff — it sure did give it a place to be rather than being kept behind a curtain that was clearly bursting at the seams.  With the tapping and your amazing direction, my feelings feel completely manageable now.” 

Julie M.  Minneapolis, MN

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