Flower Essences for Happy Pets!


Animals have emotions too!

As every pet owner knows our furry family members feel things deeply, whether it is the pure joy of seeing you walk in the front door, or the melancholy they feel when you are away on vacation, we know they have their own emotional responses to life.

We love it when our pets are happy and contented – there’s nothing like a purring kitty on your lap! But our hearts really ache when our furry friends are going through a rough patch, and flower essences can gently help your pet return to his/her natural state of balance.

Some common issues flower essences can help with: Anxiety and fears, recovery from past traumas, jealousy about a new addition to the family, over excitement, training challenges, aggression, discouragement, and any kind of transition.

If your pet is struggling right now, connect with me to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to explore about how I might be of help.