Flower Essences

coral flowers

Nature’s Helping Hand Guiding Us Back Home

When we are feeling joy, contentment and fulfillment we naturally find our lives rich and nourishing. We have physical vitality and enjoy better health. Our relationships and our work flourish.  We feel the grace of being in flow with life.

The beautiful gift of flower essences can give us real support during times when we find ourselves out of balance due to the stresses and demands of everyday life or during times of deep internal work and transformation. Flower essences are flower based formulas that serve to bring our negative attitudes and emotions back into balance, helping to transform the attitudes, beliefs, and patterns of behavior that hinder our complete potential for joy.

A flower essence remedy is made based on observation and consultation between the client and myself. I choose essences based on what my client is feeling and thinking, as well as their emotional history. I then make up a remedy bottle to be taken daily for about a month. The remedy is tasteless, subtle, and gentle in its quality, 100 % safe for anyone of any age, and can be used with any medication without adverse effects.

The responses to flower essences vary with each individual. Some report immediate and very dramatic results. Others may notice shifts over longer periods of time. The changes can be internal, and also are often reflected in a change of outer circumstances as well. For this reason, it is a great idea to work with a daily journal to encourage awareness of the shifts taking place.

As healing unfolds and changes appear, the process can call for other remedies. I have often found issues of long standing can often take several months, and cycles of remedies to truly shift and transform.

Just some of the many emotions and situations that respond beautifully to flower essences are: grief, fears, anxiety, depression, issues around life transitions such as divorce, moving, death, career changes, pregnancy, parenting and aging.

Taking flower essences help us to release all of those old emotional patterns that hold us back from being ourselves. They can give us brand new perspectives and choices about our life. Suddenly the world inside and outside seems to open up with possibilities we never dreamed of!

“Kristine’s gift is the ability to listen well, not only to the spoken words, but also to the meaning conveyed between the words. From this she is able to intuit the exact flower essences that will bring one’s being into balance. Kristine has artfully blended several flower essence remedies for me, and I have been amazed at what has manifested in the subtlest ways. Kristine is a most perceptive and knowledgeable practitioner of the healing arts.”

Judy B.  Boulder, CO