Matrix Reimprinting


Changing The Past – Creating A New Reality

Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced EFT technique that combines tapping with powerful visualization, and intention. Whereas in traditional EFT we tap on ourselves for the current or past distress, in Matrix Reimprinting we tap directly on the self who went through challenging times in the past.

The idea behind Matrix Reimprinting is that, whenever we experience a traumatic experience, especially as children we tend to freeze in response. When we feel shock, helpless and alone, and have no perceived solutions, we simply freeze as an adaptive response. At these moments we make decisions about ourselves and the world – like “I’m not good enough” or “The world is dangerous” and we carry these decisions as the truth from then on. These decisions or beliefs become a filter, through which we see and experience life. With each new experience which matches our original decision, we further reinforce those beliefs.

In a Matrix Reimprinting session, we work together to bring a special kind of healing to that child or younger self, who went through the traumatic event. With visualization we go back to that moment in time, communicating our love and protection, and tapping on that young self to ease the intense emotions they were feeling. After calming these emotions which have gotten stuck in time, we begin to ask what your younger self needed back then. Together we help your young self explore what resources he/she needed to feel safe and supported in that situation. Literally your young self can choose to bring in anything to help – a beautiful angel, a big giant, fairies. There is no end to what magnificent resources that younger you can call on, given permission. This experience is very empowering for that younger you who typically had little power.

After choosing just the right resources we then work together to “imprint” the new feelings and experience of the situation into your body and heart. This is an amazingly beautiful and sacred experience!

“A few months ago I had a Matrix Reimprinting session with Kristine to look for what might be behind my compulsive eating behavior. She asked me to imagine a food that I felt really out of control with, so I imagined a tray of hot chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven and I felt it would be impossible for me to resist eating several. She asked if I could remember an earlier time when I felt like this, and we went to a scene when I was about twelve sitting around the dining table with my family and I felt a strong sense of “not enough.” On examining the “not enough” feeling, I realized it was not, of course, about the food, but about feeling that I was not enough, feeling not seen and not heard by my siblings and my parents. Through the Matrix process that Kristine lead me through, these “not enough” feelings were replaced by a satisfied sense of being seen and appreciated and part of the clan. When I went back to the memory, I could not feel the “not enough” feeling, only the feelings of being happy and satisfied. In the next few days I felt remarkably different. My sugar and carb cravings just weren’t there. I bought a box of cookies to test, and was able to be unusually moderate in my eating of them, allowing the package to last more than a week instead of eating them all in a day or two. This even translated to social situations where I tended to overeat to quell social anxiety, and also while driving and being out and about with access to bakeries and candy. I simply did not feel compelled to buy the usual sweets and treats and was able to have just one or two and stop, satisfied. It has been about 3 months now and I’m still not feeling the usual longing for I had for cookies and candy. I eat when I’m physically hungry now, not for emotional reasons. It feels so good to have regained my control over my eating. Kristine is an absolutely wonderful practitioner and working with her has literally changed my life.”

Carolyn C.  Deer Isle, Maine