Our Mothers are the Key to Our Empowerment and Wisdom


As we approach Mother’s Day here in the US I have been thinking about my own mother, her mother, and all the women in our family and how we have each helped each other and will continue to do so, with our love and support, as well as the work we have done to heal and grow.

My own relationship with my mother has evolved over time, both of us sharing the intention to be more and more ourselves, and repair and renew whatever was needed in that process. Of course we are still a work in progress and I assume we always be, because we are committed to growing and with that our relationship will continue to grow. 

I have always been drawn to do deep work around my family of origin and particularly my mother with whom I’ve always felt a close connection. My years of clairvoyant training as well as years of doing readings for women have shown me how critically important doing this work is.

We are created and carried within our mother’s body for 9 months, and she was created and carried in her mother’s body for 9 months, and the same with our great grandmother. Through this process we each are the recipient of all of the energetic patterns belonging to our mothers and all the women in her maternal line. 

In my work I call these patterns, pictures because I see them as literal pictures that are passed down and absorbed into our space as if they are our own. Some of what we receive from our mothers and our ancestral line is wonderfully helpful. We are the beneficiaries of the wisdom gained from their experience, their gifts and talents, the many moments of love and joy in their lives. We are also the recipients of the heavier energies that come with a life of challenges – grief, discouragement, anger, frustration, and fear being a few.

When you look back on history, life has been really hard for many with times of great struggle. Women have not had the power of self determination that they do now. The experience of being a woman living in hard times results in the heavier energies that are passed to us in utero. The problem is that the more challenging energies that we inherited from our mother and her lineage don’t belong to us, they belong to others who were living in different times and had experiences unique to them. As these energies have been with us since the moment we were conceived they feel like our own and can color our whole experience of life making it feel like a struggle. 

The good news is that we can clear these old energies making room for us to bring in lighter energies that feel good and work better for us. We can choose to honor the gifts from our mother and her line and incorporate them into our lives.

When we bring this spiritual ability to choose, we begin to design a life that works better and that feels like truly our own.

To begin this process I wanted to offer you a simple practice:

Sit quietly with your eyes closed. Check in with your whole body, the sense of it sitting where you are, breathing and alive. Say “hello” to it. I like to say “Hello body, thank you for all you do for me every day”. 

Have the intention that you are going to release any old energies that belonged to your mother and her female lineage that are ready to go.

Create a beautiful basketball sized rose in front of you. Write the words “All that I inherited from my mother and her line that isn’t serving me” on the rose. Then command the rose to start collecting these energies out of your space. Sit for a few minutes and allow this to happen and just notice what you notice. You may see or feel energies moving, or nothing at all. No problem, just trust that the energies are clearing. When you’re ready send the rose outside and explode it like a soap bubble or fireworks, allowing the energies to dissipate. Feel free to do this several times if that feels good.

Next create a beautiful rose in front of you. This rose represents all the good that has come from your maternal line. You may know some of what this is. There may be courage, feistyness, generosity, artistic talents, intelligence, a sense of humor. You may not know all of what is there and that’s alright – know that the goodness is being collected and held in the rose anyway. Make this rose a beautiful color, just the way you want it. Admire it, knowing that these gifts have been given over generations and they are there for you. If you feel called, send a thank you of appreciation and gratitude to your mother and all those women who went through so much so that you could be who you are today. (See if they answer you! I often see the women ancestors around my clients giving their support and guidance) Lastly, bring this rose into the crown of your head or into your heart, knowing that these positive gifts will always be a resource for you.

Take a moment to send yourself love for being the brilliant soul that you are, a soul that nurtures and gives joy to this world in an infinite number of ways.

When you’re ready open your eyes and notice if your world feels a little lighter!

I hope you will try this practice and come back to it. Energy clears layer by layer and so repeat as needed and as feels good.

For more in depth healing around your mother and her lineage I am offering a special Mother’s Healing for the month of May. In this healing we will focus in on your mother and her line, looking at the patterns you have inherited from her, both the supportive ones and those that are limiting for you. We’ll do an intensive clearing and reset your space to reflect what you want to experience as a woman in this lifetime. This kind of healing is an incredibly powerful gift to give yourself and can be truly life changing. Connect with me to set up an appointment if you feel drawn to experience this.

Know that by doing healing around our mothers and our female lineage we are helping them to lighten their load and step into more freedom which is what we are all wishing for one another as women!

Love and Blessings always, Kristine