Using Your Magic to Create a New Year!


Here we are almost at the end of January and I’m at last looking at what I want for 2019. Although there is a lot written about setting intentions on or near January 1 of a new year, I find it takes me a few weeks to settle in and begin to know what I want for my new year. Of course this vision continues to grow throughout the year as all alive things do, but January is a wonderful energetic marker, a month to look at what we want to release, and what we want to bring into our lives.

Creating is one of our most powerful abilities as human beings. First we have the gift of our Spirit, our unique wisdom and guidance system for what most resonates with us, which is always leading us to our perfect next steps (if we learn how to listen in) Coupled with a precious and powerful body with which to carry out our spirit’s inspirations and ideas, we’re a powerful team!

Another powerful ability, less talked about that we as Spirit in a body have, is our important ability to destroy, which goes hand in hand with creation. (If the word “destroy” bothers you, think “release”.) Think about it – creating without destroying and letting go of the old first, just creates chaos, with old intentions, projects, and energies piling up and interfering with our clarity and movement.

When I work with people to create what they want, I always include destroying – clearing old energies that are keeping things stuck, and releasing old what I call “mock ups” –  intentions, hopes and dreams that are outdated.

Once we have cleared out the old, like weeding a garden, the soil is clear to plant the new, to create a shiny brand new version of your heart’s desire.

The next vital piece in the process of creating is to get clear on what we want. This is sometimes the hardest part, but I invite you to allow yourself permission to daydream about what you really want this year.

After all, if we don’t know what we want how can we create it?

To give you a taste of the creation process I do with my clients I invite you to try this practice:

Take 5 – 10 minutes for this. First take out a piece of paper and write for 1-3 minutes about what you would like for your 2019. Include experiences, feelings and qualities you would like more of, things you would like to attract to you (new home, car, more clients) Have fun with this!

At the end of the few minutes sit quietly with your eyes closed. In front of you see a really big soap bubble at least 4 feet across. Allow all of your 2018 to be in that bubble. See it filled with everything from your last year, all the good and the not so good of the year. When it feels full, imagine writing 2018 on it and then the word COMPLETE on it. You can sign your name and date it. Then send the bubble outside and (here’s the fun part) explode it. 2018 is now officially over.

Next see another really big bubble in front of you. Write 2019 with your name and the date on it. Now begin to put all the things you just wrote down into this bubble, one by one, taking your time to see and feel each of these things in there. Then pick a color for your new year, something that feels really yummy to you and fill the bubble with this color.

I always like to get a blessing on every creation; you can ask the Source to bless your new year. See the bubble filling with gold energy from the Source, knowing you have magnificent support and help coming to you.

When you’re ready, imagine shaping this bubble into the shape of a boomerang and shoot it out into the center of the Universe. Know that your creation is done and that help to make it happen is on its way. Then watch what happens!

I hope you use this very powerful practice and use it often for what you want. Enjoy the power of creating that you as a Spirit in a Body came here with! 

If you want more assistance and support around clearing out 2018, and creating your 2019 connect with me to set up a full session. Together we’ll identify what energies you are letting go of, and what you are wanting to bring in more of, and then tap into your Magic to clear out the old and bring in the new!

You can connect with me at or 303-443-4348.

I can’t wait to help you create the 2019 of your dreams!


This last week I received this wonderful note from a beautiful client after a session of intention setting:

“Recently Kristine did a mock-up with me. We worked to visualize filling the next two months with ease and focus, seeing my work obligations flowing effortlessly. I also envisioned a wonderful new nanny to come and take care of our dear boy for at least a year. The day after we did the mock up, I went into my office and immediately felt an overwhelming sense of calm. I sat down and was focused. I began to work to efficiently cross things off of my list. I was able to focus on one thing at a time, rather than feeling incredibly overwhelmed. This continued in the following weeks. Then, two days before our current nanny’s last day we found the most perfect fit, someone who wanted to work for us until at least Spring of 2020. I truly do not believe things would have worked out in the way they did without Kristine’s help. I immediately felt the shift and it has enabled me to accomplish far more than I thought possible!”

 ~ J. Jones