Embracing Our Radiant Truth

Maybe it’s my age (61) or maybe it’s the recent the birth of my grandson but I find myself looking back on my life more often with a new found wonder and gratitude for the early experience of growing up in a family that was far from the norm.

I come from a lineage of highly sensitive and intuitive women, brilliant, creative artists who dedicated their lives to seeking for the deeper meaning of life. This made for a rich childhood filled with interesting people from all sorts of spiritual backgrounds, art projects of every kind throughout our house, music and literature, all centered around the deeper questions of life.

We lived in the suburbs of San Francisco and needless to say our family and home stood out as pretty unique. Growing up I remember all I wanted was to be normal like everyone else, I didn’t want to be weird or different, or stand out. I longed to belong. I can remember distinctly when I began to learn in middle school how to act like the other kids and fit in.

It was a heavenly feeling to feel like I belonged but when I look back now I can see that with fitting in I had learned how to turn down my brilliance and creativity, my differentness.

It is important that we feel we belong in our world but too often we end up putting aside precious and gifted parts of ourselves, those parts that make us unique, in order to do so. In a world that values conformity we learn early on to listen to our teachers, political and religious leaders, friends, and the media for the answers of who we are supposed to be.

We often are not taught to truly think and act from ourselves and we can end up feeling lost in a life that doesn’t feel like our own.

My path has been about finding my own voice, owning the unique expression of my gifts, and my work with others is all about this. Looking back to my roots I see how blessed I am to have had the permission to be totally different from anyone else and to create a life that is deeply connected to spirit.

In a clairvoyant session clients come in feeling confused, frustrated with themselves and life, stuck, afraid, knowing there is much more to life but not sure how to access it. Always, every time I see that the missing piece for each client is that they have temporarily lost their connection to their inner core, that clear certainty of who they are and why they are here.

When I look at this person in front of me, I see the incredible beauty and largeness of them as spirit, their power and innate wisdom, brilliant like the sun in all of their light.

Alongside this I see all the false beliefs that they have taken on as their truth. These are what make us stumble and lose our way every time. A client comes to me at the perfect timing when they are ready to release these and make their way back home to themselves.

The beauty of doing this work of coming home is that when we are moving through our lives connected to our wisdom and center we feel whole and happy, and our life flows in magical ways. We feel the joy of living the life we are here to live.

We are no longer afraid to stand out, to be different from everyone else. We know that it is our difference that is what we have come here to be, the gift we can bring to the world that no one else can.

Here is a fun, easy way to reconnect with your true self:

Find a space away from the hustle of the day, sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes, becoming aware of your body and breathing, the sounds around you, the air, the surface you are sitting on. As you begin to feel calmer and quieter ask yourself this question: “If there was a color that represented who I truly am what would it be?”

Trust what comes to you, and begin to allow this color to fill every cell of your whole body from the top of your head to your toes. Feel the color radiating from you in every direction lighting the space around you. See yourself moving through your world bathed in this color, allowing it to light your way.  Imagine your life lived from this place. Feel the joy of being You!

I invite you to use this practice any time you are feeling frazzled and disconnected and I would love to hear how it works for you.

As you move through life I wish for you the most magnificent journey of coming home to You.

Love and Blessings always,







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