Halloween Musings – What Do Past Lives Have To Do With It?

Here in the US and in many parts of the world, we are on the eve of Halloween and we are seeing grinning pumpkins on doorsteps, cobwebs strung around porches with giant spiders hanging on, all kinds of both scary and cheerful reminders of the holiday when children and some adults who are still kids at heart, will ponder what different character they want to become for a day.

I well remember as a child, the amazing feeling of picking what I wanted to be each Halloween, the fun of putting together the costume with all the important details, and the absolute joy of donning the clothes and accessories that transformed me from just a girl to something totally different. I didn’t quite know why when I put those gauzy wings on my shoulder, balanced the bright crown on my head, and grasped my sparkly wand I suddenly knew that I was a fairy filled with the capacity for magic, but I did. What an amazing feeling!

As an adult I love greeting the trick or treaters at our door and seeing what each little one has chosen to wear this year. I love seeing how the small pirate carries himself with a bit of a swagger, the witch wears her tall black hat proudly, the 4 year old Spider Man struts up confidently with all the power of a super hero, and the clear delight in the little princess in her gown and sparkly tiara. I never tire of seeing their joy at being someone totally different.

Which brings me to past lives. I am a strong believer that we live many lives, having a myriad of identities and experiences where we get to learn and grow from each one.

As a spirit in each new lifetime we are trying on the “costume” of a new persona with the curiosity and joy that children do at Halloween, as if we are saying before we are born, “what fun to try this out, I wonder what it will be like to live this kind of life and be this kind of person!”

In my clairvoyant readings I see that we have all had lives that are incredibly varied – lives of ease, and lives of challenge. We’ve been both men and women, rich, poor, kind, and not so kind. We’ve had many occupations – we’ve been teachers, healers, merchants, artists, farmers and so on – the full range of human experience.

In each lifetime we are fully immersed in being who we are and learning all we can from it. We then take this learning into our next lifetime and build upon it with the experiences we gain in our new role. 

Being born into our current life, we have brought with us all of the information, the wisdom we’ve been gathering. This is indeed why they call it “the school of Life”! We may not always feel wise in our life, with all kinds of places where we can get stuck but I assure you we all have a huge body of wisdom from past experience to pull from to help us move through our lives. 

When we feel stuck or challenged what’s needed is to be able to tune into the lessons we are learning as a spirit and access all of our wisdom from our past life experiences.

When a client comes in frustrated and unclear I love being able to call up past lives where they encountered similar issues, look at what they had chosen to learn in those lifetimes and look at where they may have gotten stuck along the way. I then do what I call “updating them in present time” enabling them to let go of the hard patterns from other lifetimes and bring in and integrate all the wisdom they gained as well. This process can be life changing.

An example of how this works has to do with a client I worked with recently. She was feeling stuck in her business around charging well for her products and services, aware that she had some fears around money that she needed help with. In our session I was shown a past life where she had been a well to do, successful merchant.

In this lifetime her focus was pretty much on money, making it, managing it, and she had mastered the lesson very well. At the end of that lifetime though, she was clear that having a sole focus on money had proven to be lacking and empty, and made a vow not to make this mistake again. In subsequent lifetimes she had taken vows of poverty instead focusing on spiritual pursuits.

In our session I could see that my client had come into this lifetime to integrate all the money savvy with her deep spiritual drive to help others. I helped her to clear those old money vows and to see that she had all the wisdom to have a successful and spiritually driven business. I’m happy to say that since our work together she and her business have made great strides forward in serving a larger audience and generating a greater income!

I invite you to take a moment to think back on your life, the whole path of it, both the challenges and the joys. What if this lifetime is a culmination of a series of amazing adventures, learning opportunities, chances to become wiser and more compassionate as you experience first hand all the ups and downs of being human?

What if you could see what you might call “failures” as simply gathering more knowledge? What if you could release the places where you have felt stuck and instead integrate all the skills and knowledge from all of your lifetimes?

What if, like children on Halloween, you could imagine you have put on the costume of this lifetime’s “You” for the experience, for joy, for learning coming from curiosity. Imaging how life would feel then?! This Halloween try to go through your day with this viewpoint and see how different life feels. 

If things are feeling heavy or stuck, or you are just curious about your past lives and how they might be affecting you connect with me for a clairvoyant session. I promise you it will be fun and eye opening!

with love and joyful blessings always,