Recovering Yourself After Challenging Times


There have been so many big challenges these past few years and this past year has been no exception in my life. I have had losses and many demands personally in my family that have felt almost constant and this was on top of the pandemic.


It seems like everyone I know has gone through really big things in these past few years and many of us agree that we’re not really over Covid. Not only do we still have to be careful about its presence in our world, but also all the stresses of the pandemic have left many still to find our equilibrium again.

The other morning as I sat to meditate I tuned into what I was feeling. There was  slight anxiety coupled with a kind of disorientation. I realized this is a familiar feeling of not quite having my footing underneath me, of not quite knowing who I am.

I certainly have done a lot of work around these feelings throughout the past years but this morning as I sat quietly I could see how my energy was scattered back in all the events that have happened.

As a clairvoyant who looks at energy I know we leave our energy all over the place, in the past and the future, with others, in projects, conversations we’ve had, in plans we’ve made – the list is endless. I see this for my clients and help them retrieve their energy all the time but sometimes forget to do this for myself (physician heal thyself perhaps??)

Looking at the problem of my disorientation I could see I needed to gather myself back out of past events into the present moment, into myself.

This is a big issue for all of us in this world. We have all faced huge challenges and losses in our lives. We also daily send our attention out all over the world as we work on our devices emailing and zooming with countless friends and colleagues in a day. Our minds are also occupied with an overwhelming number of demanding details. 

With all of this our energy is going out and often we leave some of ourselves back there, particularly if we still haven’t process something or are still working on it. Some telltale ways you know you’ve left your energy out and about is feeling spaced out, scattered, tired, and not quite yourself.

The good news is you can recover and center yourself easily. Here’s a fun practice to do this.
Give yourself at least 5 minutes for this where you can have quiet and be undisturbed. Sit or lay down, let your eyes close gently, and take a few nice deep breaths.

Next visualize out in front of you a bunch (can be 5-20) of beautiful roses like the ones here. Then direct them (yes just ask) to go out to retrieve your energy wherever you may have left it.

Imagine all those roses going out all over the planet, even the Universe, collecting up your energy. As this is happening you even may see the places or people where your energy has been sitting. Allow time – sometimes there is much energy to recover! 

Receive the roses filled with your energy into your body. You’ll know you’re done as you’ll feel more whole, more calm inside.

You will notice how how good it is to have yourself back home, and the best news is you will feel as if you can embrace more fully and capably the life that is in front of you!