Healing For Your Magical Inner Child


When I work with women they often come to me exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated, pulled in a million different directions by their lives. They may have dreams they have put away because of self doubts and fears – long lost gifts and joys covered over by what their lives should look like.

Often the roots of these issues so many women face are in childhood experiences where we learned which parts of us were okay for those around us, and which were not.

I have a special connection to this challenge that comes from my own experience. As a child I was very sensitive and intuitive and I remember being acutely aware of the magic and beauty all around me. Every child is very psychic, sensitively tuned into the energy realm, and I have no doubt I could see and communicate with the lovely fairies and trees I drew so often!

I remember also being acutely aware of the unhappiness and tensions around me. It was as if I could see and feel into people and situations past the surface to what was really underneath. I was a little walking sponge as many sensitive children are. Needless to say I felt pretty overwhelmed much of the time. Speaking up about what I saw wasn’t so comfortable for others, and I remember being really confused, thinking “can’t they see what I see?”

I was learning that in order to get along it was best to stay quieter, and try to do what was expected. I wanted to belong as we all do, and I thought the best way to do that was to try to be what I thought others wanted and shut away the parts of me that didn’t seem acceptable.

Life seemed to go better this way, but the conflict I felt between wanting to get along and be accepted, and the call to honor my whole self, my gifts of seeing, was really painful. I had a lot of frustration, anger and depression, hard emotions for a young child.

When I look back, I now know that these intense emotions were my Spirit calling me back to myself. Because the truth is, when we close down any part of ourselves we put a lid on our aliveness and unique creativity, and Spirit is never quiet for long when this happens!

Through many challenges as an adult, struggling with lack of self esteem, fears, and doubts, I began to find my strength and inner wisdom again. I found guides, teachers, and wonderful tools that helped me to bring healing to those childhood events, so that I could feel compassion and love for my emotions, my sensitivity and intuition.

Those precious parts of me that had been hidden away were coming back into the light. My natural joy and certainty were returning as well, and with that came a whole new ease – filled way of living.

The wonderful truth is we don’t have to struggle with the pain and limitations that come from childhood events. We can release those old emotional patterns and ways of thinking about ourselves and the world, and bring back the natural enthusiasm and magic we were born with. Imagine living from that every day!

One of the tools I absolutely love in my practice that works beautifully around childhood issues are flower essences. These essences are gentle and powerful helpers, ideal for the child in all of us. A few of my favorite essences for these childhood patterns are:

Star of Bethlehem – this essence is a beautiful healer for any shocks and traumas; brings deep soothing, healing qualities and a feeling of comfort and reassurance

Walnut – helps us to break free from limiting influences, beliefs and values of our family and community or past experiences; brings us courage to follow our own path and destiny

Larch – helps those who lack confidence, and have the expectation of failure, comparing ourselves to others; brings in self worth and self-confidence and bright creative expression

Zinnia – for those who are overly serious, dull, lacking in humor; brings back our childlike playfulness, lightheartedness and our joyful inner child

These are just a few of the many flower essences that can bring healing to childhood issues. In a consultation we talk about emotional patterns you want to shift and how these might relate to childhood events. I then come up with a custom remedy that consists of several essences specifically chosen to address these. 

You can go here https://www.embraceyourradianttruth.com/services/flower-essences to learn more about flower essences 

To talk about how flower essences might be a help to you email me at kjensensmith@hotmail.com or call 303-443-4348 and we can set a free 15 minute chat to explore what you are wanting.

Love and blessings always, Kristine