Wishing you the deep Silence, Spaciousness and Peace of the great Mystery that is Life.

I don’t know how things have been going in your life but mine has been filled with a continuous, and sometimes overwhelming reminder that everything is in motion all the time. It is human to want things to feel stable and if our lives are too crazy for too long we can end up feeling totally ungrounded, exhausted and disconnected from ourselves and others.

But life will always remind us sooner or later, whether in the illness and passing of loved ones, in new births, in changes that happen in jobs and relationships, and in our own aging, that there is a great process we are just a part of, something much bigger than we can really take in. 

I have my share of crazy over the top responses to all the events over the past few months that feel out of my control, and my life continues to be filled with too much to do and seemingly too little time to do it. Maybe you can relate?

When I can take a moment to sit quietly and simply allow myself space to be more inside of myself, in this miracle that is me, sitting here, alive, breathing, a whole body beautifully humming along, I find the help I am needing – the absolute sense that there is a vast, calm and nourishing wisdom and love surrounding and in me always.

I have been wanting to experiment with infusing images with special energies and so this post is an experiment in just that. Of course images contain their own messages for us, and I am interested in what would happen with intentionally imbuing qualities in them as well.

This image is set with the energies of Peace, Infinite Spaciousness and Mystery, and I hope simply taking a minute or so to sit with this image will bring these energies into you and your life today.

I would love to hear about your experience, and I invite you to leave your thoughts below.

Love and Blessings always, Kristine