Thanks Giving and Embracing the Blessings of the Feminine


Here in the US we are just a couple of days from our Thanksgiving, a time where many celebrate the bounty of our lives with friends and family. Lately, in my clairvoyant sessions with my clients I have been hearing the word Harvest as part of the guidance from Spirit coming through. After so many years of doing this work I know that when a message keeps appearing in readings this is not only an important message for my clients, but also is a key pointing to something important in my life as well.

I have been pondering this word and asking Spirit for clarification on the significance of Harvest appearing at this time. In answer I have been reminded of how essential it is for all of us, but particularly for women, to honor the Feminine in ourselves and in our lives.

In our world of accomplishment, of doing, results, and endless goals we are primarily operating from the Masculine energy. This is the energy of the push for results, the push to build and expand to meet the next challenge. In my own life this can look like my endless to do list, feeling never finished, settled or satisfied with what I’ve done. An example of how this manifests in my business is when I complete something like a newsletter, a new video, or a session with a client, and instantly I am moving on to the next thing on my list to check off, never feeling like I’ve done enough or am good enough.

When we live primarily in the Masculine energy mode as we do so much in this culture, we find ourselves exhausted physically and spiritually, and devoid of a grounded contentment and joy in ourselves and in our lives.   

The message of Harvest is a beautiful antidote to this pushing ahead – never finished state of being.

We are asked to stop, notice and really take in what is around us, taking deep stock of what we have created, and allowing ourselves to really savor it all. By doing this we switch into the Feminine mode of energy which is always renewing and nourishing and from which new life always springs.

To honor the Feminine energy in your life I invite you to try this simple practice for several days in a row:

Setting 5 – 10 minutes aside for you, find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Closing your eyes, allowing yourself to come back into yourself from your day. Sit with your feet flat on the floor supported by your seat.

Feel connected to the Earth from your hips and feet. Allow yourself to feel her grace-filled and generous presence that is always there and allow yourself to receive this in your body.

Sense a connection to the air around you, above you, air that is always available in abundance for your next breath. Allow yourself to be nourished by this air that is always there for you.

Bring your attention to your body sitting there, solid, your steady and oldest companion, aware of the mysterious miracles of all the processes working inside you on their own without your having to do anything. Allow yourself to really take this in, the miracle and the mystery of this body.

Next bring to mind something that you have created in your life. This can be something in your work, a project that you’ve finished, or the clients that you have worked with, it can be a relationship that you are nurturing and growing, an award or praise you’ve received, friendships you have, or something as simple as a meal you cooked last night. As you bring one or many of these creations to mind give yourself permission to let the fact that they exist, that they happened, sink into you. Feel their reality, the fullness of their presence in your life. Allow yourself to really have these things, people, accomplishments, all of this bounty as if you could gather them around and into you, letting them be a nourishing energy for you. Enjoy all of these beautiful creations in your life. 

Sit with this feeling of savoring and fullness for as long as you like.

Decide to return to this practice often, either scheduling it in or simply coming back to it throughout your day in small moments.

Know that by doing this practice you are balancing the powerful force of the Masculine element with the grace of the receptive, creative and equally powerful Feminine in you, and together these are a most potent couple!

In this season of Autumn and harvest time, whether you celebrate the traditional Thanksgiving or not, I hope you are able more often to take time to deeply acknowledge the bounty of your life in this moment, all that you have accomplished and created, and most importantly all that you are! 

Wishing you abundant grace and love always,