Help for the Holidays!

The holidays are suddenly fast approaching and I don’t know about you, but I’m working hard to stay calm and centered in the midst of it all. On top of this is the steady stream of songs and movies depicting everyone completely happy and loving toward one another. There is just so much pressure to feel joyful and have everything all together, to be the perfect parent, partner, family, and friend at a time when money worries are up, stress is high, it’s cold and dark outside, we may be mourning losses – it is a perfect recipe for feeling really overwhelmed, like you’re not doing enough, sad, and even angry at others.

Fortunately we have energy tools, flower essences and even clairvoyant readings when you really feel over your head. As promised, over the next few weeks during this holiday season I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tips to help you feel more magic, ease and grace so be on the lookout.

Today’s tip is an oldie but goodie. I may sound like a broken record about this energy tool but it’s only because I see time and time again that just doing this daily can change everything.

Remember that grounding connection to the center of the Earth? Use it!

Take the time, even just a few minutes a day to create a connection from the base of your spine to the center of the Earth. Make it as wide as your hips. Have fun with it – you can decorate it like a Christmas tree!

See how just doing this brings you more into the present moment. Then start releasing everything you are carrying that doesn’t feel good down this grounding to the center of the Earth. Let go of those worries, the stress and chaos, those expectations, other people’s problems. Fill your whole body with a beautiful color that feels good to you and notice how you feel now!

Easy isn’t it? I know simply grounding and releasing can feel too easy when there are so many more complicated practices to do but I assure you this one will make all the difference!



Flower essences are a beautiful way to support you during the holiday season too. These healing blessings from Mother Nature are a powerful yet gentle way to bring deep shifts to our whole being. Today I want to share a very special and important essence, Holly, which is so needed on this planet right now and can be really helpful during the holiday season.

Perhaps there is no coincidence that Holly is part of the decoration at this time of year or that the name Holly is so close to the word “holy”, as Holly is connected to the principle of divine, all-encompassing love, the love that is truly healing and surpasses human reason.

When this love is misunderstood or we are blocked from this love it becomes a force of the opposite: one of separation, wounded feelings, envy and even hate.

We all need Holly from time to time. During the holidays when stress and expectations are high, conflicts and disappointments can surface. At a time when we want to feel more love and connection, we can find ourselves instead feeling anger and resentments. Taking the Holly flower essence brings us back into a state of love.

As Edward Bach, the father of flower essences said of Holly “Holly protects us from everything that is not universal love. Holly opens the heart and unites us with divine love.”

This holiday season if you find yourself feeling old wounds and resentments coming up, loneliness or envy towards others, or are just wanting to feel more love give yourself the gift of Holly.

During this time of year I hope you find these tips helpful and feel free to share with others who you know are struggling. Stay posted for more tips that can help you have a more grace filled and joyful holiday season!

Also if you are feeling the need for more support during these stressful times think about giving yourself or a loved one the gift of a flower essence consultation and customized remedy, or a clairvoyant reading. I love helping others release the old heavy stuff and come back into their own natural lightness and connection to Spirit! Connect with me  at

with love and magical blessings, Kristine