Celebrating All Of Creation!

Celebrating All of Creation!

One of the many things I love about doing psychic work are the messages that magically come to me in a session. There is something that happens when a client and I come together, the way we both open ourselves to communication from the unseen spiritual world, that offers a pathway for amazing messages to appear.

Today I want to share one of these messages that feels so vital for all of us to really take in and live daily.

If you’ve worked with me, you know that I often receive information from my clients’ spirit guides – magical suggestions and cheerleading support which always amazes and delights us.

It is not so often a message comes through that feels as if it is coming directly from the Source. (Please use your words for the Source – God, Divine, Universal Intelligence, that resonates the most) What I want to share with you here is just such a message.

The words that have come through to me are, “Rejoice In My Creation!” 

These words are simple but powerful. I have heard them in several sessions over the years, but each time they come through the directive is very clear. All of life is a creation from the Source. The trees, oceans, flowers, animals, insects, birds and all the rest are beautiful, miraculous creations, and included in all of this are human beings. This includes those human beings we love, those who irritate us, with whom we don’t agree, and it includes ourselves.

With these words we are asked to acknowledge and celebrate the miracle of life around us, and the miracle that we are. 

Judgement of ourselves and others has no place in this, and is only a result of a faulty, too narrow perspective. To judge ourselves or others is to judge the creations that come from the Source, creations of great mystery and complexity.

I, myself have been guilty at times of judging myself and even the work I do as “not good enough”, as so many of us do. When I remember these words, “Rejoice in my Creation!“, I laugh and remind myself “who am I to judge the way the Divine has taken shape in me?”

Of course we all have the choice to believe what we want – we can believe that nothing comes from the Source (all is accidental), everything comes from the Source, and other muddy options in between. 

I’ll tell you though, when I hear a message so clearly in a reading I trust it as a Truth to be listened to, so I choose the middle option. 

You may ask, what about mistakes I or others have made (and yes, there seem to be plenty). Being miraculous creations doesn’t mean we aren’t learning and growing. The fact that we are alive each day, able to choose and learn from what works and doesn’t, is an amazing gift. And after all we do not judge a child who is learning to walk.

We must be gentle with ourselves and others as we are all trying to grow as spirits through the ups and downs of life on Earth.

Imagine what life would be like if every day when we opened our eyes, and looked around, looked into the eyes of others, looked at ourselves in the mirror, and moved through our day, we saw everything as a brilliant, amazing creation, all gifts from the loving Source.

I invite you to take this on as a daily and moment by moment practice and see how life transforms in and around you!

many blessings,