Weathering Anxious Times


My beautiful and sensitive friends,

It has been awhile since I have written but today with a Full Moon behind us, the energy of my recent birthday and coming signs of Spring everywhere we look, I felt the call to connect and share what might be helpful.

Please forgive the length of this post in advance!

I don’t know about you, but in my own life I don’t know a person who isn’t going through big challenges. Family and friends are experiencing health challenges, and there have been 4 significant losses in my own life in the past few months. Add in the continued upheaval of world events including the most recent virus focus and it can make for a lot of anxiety and overwhelm. I have not found the magic pill for handling all of this (I will certainly share it if I do) but I wanted to share a few things that have helped me tremendously.


First, I found the need for what I call a “Negativity Diet”. I literally told my husband, family and friends that I needed not to hear about any negative news for a few days. Those days weren’t totally free of disturbing news, but simply taking a stand for myself, knowing what I needed and stating it over and over, and distancing myself from negative news and talk, allowed the part of me that was on high alert to rest and relax more, and I could once again enjoy the beauty of what was around me in the moment.

I highly recommend a “Negativity Diet”!

Secondly, I found myself so anxious about all virus news that I decided I needed a new name for it. Now when we talk about it, it is called Bullwinkle (don’t ask me how we came up with this) My husband might send me an article “about Bullwinkle” to read and somehow by simply giving it a funny name we have felt calmer and more empowered.

Feel free to find your own name for the virus, or anything else in your life that is scary, try it out and see if it feels less threatening.

Then there was feeling my feelings – ugh – who wants to go there?? I knew instinctively that through the losses I had experienced, I was sitting on some real grief. I have always preached the importance of feeling our feelings. Somehow this time I found myself allowing some initial grief around each loss, and then sort of putting it all away as if it was “done”. The result of doing this was that part of me felt numb and shut down, I was watching more Netflix mindlessly, and I felt less open to my loved ones and my work. I knew I was feeling grief but had not allowed myself to really go into it.

On a walk recently, I was doing some gentle EFT tapping (on my fingers) and just focusing in on the heaviness in my body, and there was the grief coming up suddenly. This was grief not just for these recent losses but from old ones too. I committed to tap for just 5 minutes and at the end of that 5 minutes I felt lighter and more present than I had in months. Now I have committed to 5 minutes a day to honor my grief with gentle tapping.

If you have had some losses or anxiety I invite you to commit to just 5 minutes a day to truly BE with what you are feeling, and adding EFT tapping can be a beautiful added support.

Next, I turned to flower essences. I realized I was taking in so much of the pain around me that I was filled to the brim and couldn’t function because of it. There are so many wonderful flower essences for separating from others’ energies and I recently made up a flower essence remedy for just this, with some added in to help with grieving.

Some of the flower essences included are:

Yarrow: for strengthening our aura, giving us a sense of protection and solidity in our space

Pink Yarrow: for help with strong emotional boundaries; remaining centered in ourselves while aware of others

Yarrow Special Formula: vitality and protection particularly with environmental or electro magnetic disturbances (pollution, radiation, etc.)

Walnut: strength and clarity to follow our own path and allowing others to do the same, protection from negative influences

Star of Bethlehem: bringing soothing and calm to loss and trauma (recent or distant past)

I can’t tell you how different, how much more resilient and calm I feel having taken this remedy for just a few days. I encourage you to try some or all of these essences and of course if you need extra support reach out to me for a consultation and customized remedy.

Lastly I want to talk about 2 foundational tools of my energy work, grounding/releasing and filling in with your own energy. We just don’t have a clue how much energy we carry in the form of emotions and thoughts that don’t belong to us, and at times of crisis when we are not at our best we pick up even more than normal.

This is why the very first thing I do with clients is this practice and why I tell people if they just do this every day it will change their lives. I wanted to share a short video I made where I talk about this practice in hopes that you will be inspired to make it a daily practice.


I truly hope all of the above tips help you stay centered in your own beautiful energy of hope and clarity in these demanding times. 

If you try one or more of them let me know how they work! And always if you feel like you need extra TLC and support, reach out to me at or 303-443-4348 to set up a time to talk further.

with love and blessings, Kristine