Helping Our World



Being sensitive souls comes with many gifts, those of empathy and deep feeling. But with a sensitive heart we feel the suffering in the world deeply and when we do so, we can find ourselves paralyzed by all the pain we see around us.

I know for myself although in my heart I want to help so much, there is a part of me reeling from what is happening in Ukraine right now, and this part wants to retreat and hide under a warm blanket until everything is all better.

Of course one of the problems with this way of coping is that if we wait for the world to be “all better” to bring our sensitive gifts to the world, we may never do so, because part of the nature of this bumpy planet is change and challenge.

Although temporarily we may need to go underground for a bit, to reset and renew ourselves, ultimately shutting down is not a good answer.

The other day while I was feeling so heavy hearted about the Ukrainian and Russian people and all they’re going through, I realized that in that moment I could sit down and give the people and the situation a healing. I had been sending them my prayers since the war had begun, but remembered that doing a concerted, focused healing is very powerful and we all have the ability to do it.

When we sit down and focus on giving a healing to a situation we feel into the power we are born with to truly transform challenges, and it is amazing to be able to own that power. The situation and people involved get a healing and we get to step into our true super powers as the helpers we’ve come here to be.

Today I wanted to share the simple practice I did for the Ukraine/Russia situation in hopes it is something that resonates with you as well. Please know this is not a one time thing. You can do this often when you feel called. Then be sure to watch what happens, how you feel about and what is actually happening in the situation. Remember to note even small positive changes, and when you do, know that you have played a part in that. 

These practices make a difference. You make a difference, and your ability to transform this world is unbounded. Never ever forget this!

The practice:

Take 10 minutes or so of quiet for yourself somewhere you won’t be disturbed.

Sit, settling into your seat and your beautiful body. Imagine a great and grounded tree, connecting the base of your spine to the center of Mother Earth, allowing it to be as wide as your hips. Feel the Earth’s ancient and wise support under you.

You can also use this tree connection to let go of any feelings that are coming up around the war. Allow fear, sadness, anger, helplessness to flow out of you through its trunk down to the center of the Earth.

Next imagine a huge soap bubble in front of you. Imagine you could place the countries of Ukraine and Russia into that bubble. (You may be able to visualize this or just know that it has happened.) Allow the war and all that’s happening there in those countries, and any history between them, to be in that bubble.

At this point if you’re like me, just placing all of this in that bubble you may begin to have some uncomfortable feelings or sensations coming up. If so just let those effortlessly go down your grounding connection. 

Connect the bottom of this bubble with its own grounding tree to the center of the Earth. When you do this you are grounding all that’s happening and all the people involved into the wisdom and stability of the Earth, grounding which is so needed.

Also, intend that this grounding connection begins to help all unhelpful energies to release out of the situation down into the Earth, energies like anger, chaos, fear, control, grief. Sit and allow this to happen for a few minutes, or longer. As you do this, notice what you notice about the bubble or anything you are feeling. I know when I do this I begin to feel calmer and the bubble looks more stable to me, but there are no right or wrong answers.

Next connect the top of the bubble up to the Source. You may call this God, the Universe , the Divine – whatever works for you – imagine that there is a loving energy above all that is powerful beyond anything we can think of. Connect the bubble with a golden beam of light to this beautiful and loving energy and ask the Source to give the bubble and everything and everyone in it a healing.

Imagine a beautiful and brilliant golden light filling the bubble bringing healing, hope, peace and love to all.

As this is happening watch and feel what happens in you and in the bubble. Keep releasing any more feelings that may be coming up for you.

When you feel ready, you can dissolve the image of bubble. Take a nice deep breath, and allow yourself to be filled with a warm golden light as well.

Congratulations! You have just given a powerful healing to the Ukraine/Russian situation and you have received a healing too.

There are countless ways to help our world, and I hope you can add this practice to your helping resources.

Never forget that you are here for a reason at this time, and you are needed. We all are!

with love and blessings always, Kristine