Honoring the Soul’s Call of Winter


Beautiful Holiday Greetings dear friends,

Here we are on this eve of the Winter Solstice, in the midst of the holiday season all over the world. In the dark of these short days with all kinds of challenges in our world and for those near and dear to us, my husband and I joke about all the Christmas music, reminding us that “this is the most wonderful time of the year”. He even sings this refrain with some irony as we both are very sensitive, feeling the hardships around us deeply and it certainly doesn’t feel as if this is at all true.

At this time of year there is this sharp contrast and of course much of it is encouraged by our media, filling us with images of what we are supposed to be experiencing during the holidays. To try to gain some clarity and sanity in the midst of the contradictions inherent at the holidays, I have had to return to what this time of the year is about and of course from a clairvoyant perspective what the energy is about. 

Firstly this time of the year is about honoring the cycles of our Mother Earth (as well as our own as we are intimately related to her) and this is so hard in our culture of go, go, go. These shorter, darker days ask us to slow down, and to spend more time inside, both our homes and ourselves. We are being prompted towards contemplation and the nurturing of a deep connection to spirit. This is not something most of us do easily or at all, and yet that is what this season asks of us.

When we ignore these promptings of this season we can end up feeling disconnected, empty, with a subtle or not so subtle sense of longing for something that is missing. This deep longing  for a connection to ourselves and to the Divine Spirit is something I believe we all have. We come from Spirit and return to Spirit and this longing we feel, especially at this time of the year is a simple wanting to return home. We can misinterpret this feeling of something missing as depression, even grief sometimes, or as the need for some new action or goals. But in my work I see that what is really needed is slowing down and taking more time for quiet, to go within to the stillness, connecting with the Divine that is always there.

The other day as I tuned into the energies of the planet I saw great disruption and chaos, swirls of great energies bringing huge changes to many. If I were only to tune into this I admit I would feel very anxious and binge watching Netflix might be on the horizon. But above all of this chaotic upheaval I see a great force of light, of angelic help that is far greater than all of the disruptive energies. This is the energy we can connect with that is both inside and outside of us when we take the time for stillness. 

This time of year is about hope, the hope that the light is returning. We celebrate many traditions that speak of the coming of help, of a loving help that transcends all human understanding. We string lights, light candles, sing carols all to remind us that there is hope and help around us, to not despair.

So for this holiday season I encourage you to take time daily, even if only for a few moments before sleep, to go within, to connect with the quiet, and to connect with the great force of light and love that is always there. For an added bonus imagine this force swirling around all the beings of this planet, watching over and helping all. See if you can nurture this practice for the coming weeks know that you are playing your part in helping all of mankind and this beautiful planet of ours.

Wishing you deep loving grace this holiday season, Kristine