The Surprising Reason You Might Feel Stuck in Your Life


Today I want to talk about something near and dear to me. Do you ever feel stuck in the same situation over and over wondering why you can’t move forward out of what you know is an old sticky pattern that doesn’t serve you? Boy do I know this one well!

This could look like staying in a challenging job or relationship, repeating unhealthy habits like overeating or staying up too late (that last one would be me), feeling stuck in your money, or just saying you want a change but can’t seem to take the next steps.

You know you have dreams of the kind of life you want to create but somehow, no matter how hard you try you find yourself back at square one again over and over.

You may even feel you’re living someone else’s life and wondering how you got here.

These are all signs that you may have foreign energy in your space. No matter how much we love others in our life their energy can get mixed up in our own energetic space and can cloud our own thoughts and direction, and we get stuck. It’s kind of like putting the wrong fuel into a car, it just doesn’t run well.

When a client comes to me wanting to create new things in their life and feeling stuck, the first things I do is pinpoint clairvoyantly all the energies in the form of thoughts, emotions, and patterns that may belong to others, their culture, family, partners, friends, colleagues, even their children. I look for these energies and look at how they are creating road blocks to their happiness and freedom and then using a variety of healing tools, I help my clients release them.

An example of this is a woman who came to me recently wanting to create a new business doing life coaching. She had all kinds of amazing ideas of how to work with clients and felt like this was the work she was born to do. But somehow, even using resources like business coaching she couldn’t seem to do the things required to get things rolling. 

She found herself distracted by many things in her life needing her attention and even had had some physical issues that had slowed her down. All of these seemed on the surface to be realistic reasons she couldn’t get moving on her dreams. But as the years went by with little forward movement on her dreams she was filled with despair of ever being able to live the life she wanted.

When she and I worked together the first things that stood out for me was a lot of the energy of her family’s belief systems in her space. There was an ancestral pattern of deep frustration in the women of her family over not having had power and say in their lives. There was energy around money, a pattern of never having enough, struggling, and feeling envious of those who have more. I saw all of this as sticky dark blue energies in her body and aura. No wonder she couldn’t move forward. It was as if she had a ball and chain around her ankles! 

She began to feel lighter and lighter as I read and then we also did some clearing work, helping her to release all of this family stuff. She reported back later that week that after our work together she had easily taken some new steps in her business that she’d been procrastinating on for quite some time. This was cause for real celebration!

When I work with clients I use both clairvoyant reading which is identifying what is in the way, and healing, using a variety of tools, to clear the unhelpful energies.

I love hearing stories like this. This is what’s possible when we clear out all the foreign energy that can sit in our space and we start to live in our own energy and truth. When we’re doing this we naturally feel more clarity and certainty, more aligned inside, freer to move forward, making easier choices. Our lives feel more fun and more like us!

If you are feeling stuck in some way, wanting to start a new project or new direction, or just shift out of an unhelpful pattern, this kind of work can be life changing. When we work together you’ll learn tools to stay grounded and clear, moving forward in a life that finally feels like your own.

I invite you to reach out to me at and we can set up a time to talk more about how I might serve you.