When Communication is Hard Try Talking to Their Spirit!


Today I wanted to share a tip I often share in my clairvoyant sessions with clients. Recently, I spoke with a lovely woman who was having a challenging time with one of her siblings. They had once been very close and my client longed for that old connection but felt stuck.

When I checked in clairvoyantly with her sibling I could see that the challenges, although aimed at my client, were not about her at all, but more to do with some hard things they were going through in their own life.

This happens all the time in life. We can feel deeply wounded by things others say or do to us. But often what another says or does to us has more to do with what they are going through. They may be struggling, closed down, and lashing out at those they love.

At times like these it can be hard to communicate our feelings and care to the other as they aren’t open to it. The good news is we can do what I call “communicate sprit to spirit”

When you find it hard to convey your feelings to someone it’s time to send a spirit to spirit message instead. Often it is easier for them to receive and hear this kind of message as it bypasses their daily personality and goes straight to their wise spirit.

This is what I advised my client to try. I suggested she sit quietly and tune into what was truly in her heart to say to her sibling. Then she could either picture them in front of her, imagine speaking to them, or actually write a letter to them saying everything she needed to say.

I invite you to try this practice anytime you want to communicate something to someone and it feels hard. Simply take some time to get quiet and invite their spirit to be with you. Then either speak or write what you want to say. You can share what troubles you but also include some love and validation for them. We can all use more of this!

When you’re done you can keep or destroy the letter. You don’t need to send it as the communication is complete.

Then notice what happens in your relationship. It’s always surprising!